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Trusting Everything in the Space of Nothing

Sometimes it’s scary to get what you want.

After years of both standing by and building, a lot happened at once.

Some examples: After waiting for months I was able to see an optometrist and replace my chipped-frame crooked bifocals. My husband began taking apart the entire kitchen to refresh the colors. I got a confidence-boosting haircut. Some pieces came together for in-person work. My business ticked up. And, I had this pretty big blank spot in my schedule.

I’m going to tell you what I did in that time, but not yet. Just know that it scared me, which is not always a bad thing! I took a jump off the edge and had to have a boatload of trust in, well, everything. But if a coach isn’t willing to do that, how can she expect that of you?

More to come … soon!

Susan McDowell is a life coach based in Central Vermont.
Are you ready to jump into something? Are you unsure? Either way, Personal Coaching can help.

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