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Whether this is your first Mindful Outdoor Experience (MOE) or you’ve taken this journey with me before, this checklist will help you prepare. It is written specifically for an Experience on the Stevens Branch, beginning at Rotary Park. This event is a part of the Barre City River Access Task Force’s solstice celebration: Take Me to the River.

The Space

The address is 36 Parkside Terrace, Barre. Gather in the big gazebo in time for a 5:45 p.m. start. There is plenty of parking.

We’ll be outside for an hour, walking mostly on dirt trails which may be muddy. We will be moving both uphill and down at a slow to medium pace and, at times, sitting on the ground. There will be a general description, but not much specific identification, of the plant and animal life in this space.

If there is steady rain, the MOE will be cancelled.

What to Bring

Check the forecast and dress in layers.

  • Synthetic clothing works well in the Northeast. Cotton will not keep you warm if it is wet
  • Wear boots or sturdy sneakers
  • Bring a fleece or another type of jacket if you have doubts about staying warm. Bring a raincoat or poncho if you have doubts about staying dry

You might also want:

  • a hat and/or sunglasses
  • water
  • a small daypack or belt bag
  • bug spray (tick repellent)
  • a foam pad, small blanket, towel, or a small camp chair if you prefer not to sit directly on the ground
  • an Epipen or any other medications you might need

A gentle reminder: You will have to carry these items yourself.

What (Not) to Do

This outing is not the time for

  • fast hiking or running
  • lots of picture taking
  • texting or engaging in phone calls
  • being with your pet
Although poison ivy (pictured here) has several look-alikes, “leaflets three, let it be” is a useful starting point.

Where to Go

There are two portalets at Rotary Park.

A Couple of Cautions

Be tick smart! It’s also wise to know what poison ivy looks like and to avoid it. Pants are better than shorts for both of these reasons.


Send me an email. I’m happy to hear from you.