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Moving Snow/Uncovering the Path

My mind wanders as I shovel. Among the problems I am churning today is the messaging on my website. The words “enlivening resilience through change” appear on the home page. But the invitation really is “come be in your awesomeness.” The essence of both is “move toward authenticity.” How best to say it?

I move to another section of the driveway. My mind jumps. Now I’m reflecting on a fun show I’ve been watching. Boiling it way down: a quiet rule-following main character in No Tomorrow is influenced by a free spirit with proof the world is ending.

The classic world-ending conflict is included. If you knew you only had _ to live, would you . . . ? Wild ideas we all hold come to mind but are tempered by knowing that blowing up everything is not super wise because the world probably won’t end and what about the things you are working toward? Sound familiar?

I love this about the lighthearted series: The characters are finding a freedom of expression and a willingness to try new things, learning to speak up for what they want, and tapping into fun creative solutions. I realize this comedy acts out the concepts I’m trying to express on my site. On the same page where “enlivening resilience through change” appears, I spell out the challenge this way:

“We want our life to stay the same as much as we want it to be different. We chase accomplishment while we long for freedom. We fight for security while our heart tugs us in its own direction. Sometimes these opposing forces keep us stuck and bring us uncomfortably out of balance.”

I use the other pages to reveal solutions. Spoiler alert: life coaching can help! All of it is an invitation to come be in your awesomeness.

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