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In 2009 we rebuilt our back yard due to a failing retaining wall. This is where and how my gardens began.

A personal disaster can be a tough road, and it can be the beginning of something new—a space to realize something amazing. I’ve learned that and at least a zillion other lessons in this space. Nature is an amazing teacher (read more about nature connection).

Concrete wall broken and lying in the woods.
Broken concrete wall in landscape, house in near distance.
Man coiling a rope near big tree with chain tied to it.
Man in street with arms folded watching excavator lift concrete blocks from trailer.
Stack of concrete blocks near excavator and trailer with one more block.
Walls made of concrete blocks in yard of bare dirt.
A few young plants and a trellis near concrete block wall.
A few plants, two with blooms and a concrete fountain.
Young budding plants near concrete fountain.
Bright green landscape with young perennial gardens, concrete fountain, blue umbrella.